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Cinema Collectiva presents a film night and talk around the theme of Collective Cinema, collaboratively co-programmed by four self-organised cinema collectives: Video Power, WET Film, wysiwyg cinema and Chute Film Coop!


We are delighted to announce that Chute Film Coop will be screening Teo Hernandez's "L'EAU DE LA SEINE" as part of the co-curated program.


Besides the films themselves, Cinema Collectiva focuses on self-organised spaces and practices that enable the collective viewing of films.


Artist-run, grassroots, underground, self-organised cinema collectives resist the commodification and individualisation of the film industry and move outside of the set parameters for screening films.


This event brings grassroots cinema collectives together and explores different ways of self-organisation within. Cinema Collectiva will create a communal space to exchange experiences with other self-organised cinema collectives, to find like-minded souls to start new initiatives with, to share thoughts and experiment with (other) ways of watching together. 

Cinema Collectiva is an initiative by Erik Vermunt (GreenScreen) and Anne Vera Veen (Galerie de Jaloezie) in the framework of the Collective Residency at WORM, guided by James Parnell.

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